Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom! :)

Today is my Mom's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

We all went to her house today to Celebrate and to have our Christmas.

We took the kids to the elementary school in New Richmond to go sledding. It was SO much fun! We had a great day.

I'd love to share pictures of the day...

However, I forgot my camera at my Aunt Sue's house yesterday, when we went to her house in Eau Claire, for the Retz Family Christmas. So I couldn't take any. Lucky we had my mom's camera, so someday I might be able to share them. :)

I tell ya I am feeling {lost} without it!
She is going to mail it back to me this week.
{Thanks Aunt Sue!! :)}
Ok... so I was just "stealing" some pictures out of my sister Amanda's facebook album to share.
Here they are...
My Boys wanted White Dr Coats for Christmas. {yes, I know ONLY my Boys!} They wanted to be scientists and conduct experiments. So my Mom found them these white lad coats and put Dr Evan & Dr Jabin on them and also gave them some kid size safety goggles. They were SO excited. They LOVED them!

So... how cool was Gramma when she got out the baking soda & vinegar??
Very cool!!! She knocked their sock off!! :)
Amanda helped them "grow" bugs.
I *wish* I could have got a picture of them sleeping in the van when we got home tonight. They both were sound asleep with their safety goggles on! :)

Jabin, Amaya, Evan, Parker and Cole {the clan of 6 year-olds!}

{Thanks Amanda for the pictures!!}

I'll be back posting later this week to share...
  • what I made {all} the Grandparents for Christmas. {I couldn't post it since most of them read my blog!}
  • Up-coming Stamp Classes & Club Cards for January
  • Up-coming Kids Stamp Kamp projects & date
  • Sale-A-Bration Open House Date
  • and anything else I {must} share!

Have a great week! I know we have yet another bust week planned. I am excited about it though. I'll worry about a {clean} house next week when the boys go back to school. :)

For now we will just leave all the new toys out so the Boys can play. We have a GIANT train track in the living room, complete with a "farm" & Bat-Man play set, legos all over the dining room table and outside snow gear in the entry way. Let's not even talk about the stamp room! :)

{life is good!}

andy :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!
Here is our Christmas card this year... Last night we watched a movie. Greg looked over and said he had to take a picture of this...Christmas Morning...

Have a wonderful day!!
andy :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

December happenings & Christmas Eve :)

My, oh my, how fast December goes along!
We've been busy making gifts, cookies, stamping Christmas cards, shopping and we even went to Rochester on the 19th to celebrate Christmas with my Dad & Linda.

{Evan, Jabin, Amaya & Kaylee Jo}
As always Grandma Linda {and Grandpa Doug} have a few gifts for the kids. This year Grandma put Greg, Andy & Tina on the {BIG} wrapped boxes to try to fool the kids. Poor Jabin didn't think it very funny when he thought that Greg really got the Bat Cave play-set! Then we told him it was really for him we squealed with excitement.

Evan got the spin-n-fix Thomas set he has been wanting.
The kids had time to play with their new toys & give Grandma a hard time for mixing up the names on the gifts before we went to a Play at my Dad's Church. We ate lots of yummy food. Nicci, Brandon, Tina & Dave wanted to go shopping, so Nicci asked Greg if he could watch Kaylee Jo. He was very happy to do that! :)
Kaylee Jo was tired so he made her a bottle and we took her to my Dad & Linda's room so she could take a nap. I ended up falling asleep on the bed and Greg & Kaylee Jo fell asleep in the chair. After awhile Greg brought her over to me and I got to curl up with that little cutie!! :)
{That *might* have been my favorite part of the day!}
Here are a few pictures I took after the play of my Dad & the Kids...

Other random pictures & things to share.....

Jabin made a tree out of m&ms:

The boys made these at Thanksmas:

We made these for Evan & Jabin's school friends:
Greg's parents gave the Boys some money for Christmas and we {thought} it would be fun to bring them to Toys R Us and let them pick out some gifts. Yesterday I was at school in the afternoon so after school the Boys & I headed over to Greg's work to pick him up in Oakdale, but on the way we stopped at Target & Office Max to get a few things. And we only got a few things because I FORGOT my list! I am such a "list person!" After we picked up Greg we drove to Woodbury and went out to eat, then {thought} we were going to Toys R Us and it turned out to be:We LOVE babies and all, but this was NOT what we were expecting. We went in and they had some toys, but nothing that the Boys wanted. So we left and headed to a Toys R Us store in Maplewood. We went there and Jabin found two things, Evan nothing. Evan had something in mind and they didn't have it. So we went from there to a Target in North St Paul. They didn't have what Evan was looking for, but Jabin found another toy. We went to another Target in Oakdale and finally found what Evan was looking for!!
Meanwhile it was late and it was snowing and blowing. I was nervous about driving home but we made it. Greg followed me, I think that made me even more nervous! {But I did try to follow Greg but I wasn't keeping up with him.} He said the roads were fine and I could have went faster, I disagree and and was just happy to finally make it home! :)
All month the Boys have been counting down the days with a chocolate advent calendar. Well-today was the BIG day, they got to open the {BIG DOOR} on the thing. Turns out it might have been a {BIG DOOR} but the Chocolate was a small moon. The boys called it a Fuddie Duddie thing! :)

I am glad that we will be home all day today & tomorrow!! I {LOVE} being home with Greg & the Boys on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day! Just being here with them makes my heart happy! :) We like to hang out, watch movies, play and do whatever else it is that we do.
Greg & the Boys were just outside and now it is time for Hot Cocoa....
Enjoy your Christmas Eve!
andy :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Evan & his new pillow {and two stamped projects}

Evan has been sick since Sunday.
So I have been taking care of him. He can't talk so he has to whisper.
Yesterday I had to bring him to my Mom's for a few hours so I could go to a few places. {I still have Christmas Shopping to do!}
While he was there she made him {and Jabin} this pillow. He was so excited about it! He slept with it last night and was using it this morning. At our house when you are sick you get to eat in the living room and use "the sick tray". {the tray is my pampered chef cooling rack! :)} His sore throat has turned to a bad cough, so he is going to the Dr later today.
So much for getting all my {to dos} done this week.
Here are a few things I have recently made:

I just finished my Christmas cards today and will get them mailed out.
I'll try to post a picture of it soon. I went with a very simple card & picture this year.

Have a good day!!

andy :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

happy snow day :)

Yesterday it started to snow.
The Boys were VERY EXCITED to play in all of it after school!!We even came in and had some hot chocolate to warm up!
I was just saying that I couldn't wait for the First {SNOW DAY}.
Well my wait is over!!
No School today!! :) I let the boys sleep in. They woke up, got dressed, ate their count down to Christmas chocolate and had some waffles. THEN, I told them that they didn't have school!! Let's just say they were very delighted! :){I caught them looking out at all the snow!}
They are ready to go out and play, but I said they had to wait a little while.
Enjoy your day!!
~andy :) {and the boys}

Monday, December 7, 2009

December Stamp Club Cards {2009}

Here are the cards we will be making this week:
Let me know if you can make it!
Wednesday Morning Stamp Club
Meets @ 9am December 9th
Thursday Evening Stamp Club
Meets @ 6:30 pm December 10th
We meet at my house.
You MUST RSVP so I can have supplies ready for you.
You make~n~take 6 cards for $6.
Spend $25 on merchandise {before tax & shipping} and make your cards for FREE! :)

***This month it will be VERY helpful to bring some kind of glue pen for putting together the snowman cards.***

Please bring a basic supply kit with you to each Stamp Club Meet.
Your Supply Kit should include:
Personal Paper Cutter
Paper Piercer {if you have one}

Punch Organization

I have no idea why it took me SO long to organize my punch drawers.
It didn't even take very long! :) But I finally DID it!
I have my punches in Sterilite plastic drawers that are made to hold 8 1/2 x 11" paper. I cut a pc of basic black card stock to fit the front of the drawer, then used kraft card stock to punch each shape. Next, I used adhesive to put the kraft punched shape on the black card stock. When I was done with a {drawer} I added a little adhesive to the front of the black card stock and put it in the front of the drawer.

One drawer will hold 6 of the big punches.

Evan said that it looked "Amazing" when I showed him what I did. Since the Boys use my punches, it works nice for them because they can find the punch they want to use and {hopefully} put it back were it belongs. :)

Have a Happy Monday!!

~andy :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

E & J’s {secret} recipe video

In today's video Evan & Jabin will let you know how you can make these yummy treats!

They made them {Greg & I did help} last Friday for a gift for their Grandma Linda & Grandpa Doug and for their Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Herdahl. They were so proud of their finished products.

{make sure you pause my playlist BEFORE you start the video}

These two crack me up. I NEVER know what they will say when I say "action". If you watch it again you might notice Evan sneaking some chocolate in the background. After he watched the video he said he was sorry for eating the candy. :) He had no idea he would be {caught} on the video. I love how Jabin is in his "Hulk" costume.

Sorry for the video "quality" but I use the video setting on my camera and it is not the best. So Santa, if you are reading my blog I would love one of *these* {in pink} under the tree this year. Just think of all the cute & crazy things I could share of these two. :)
The {Amazing} Recipe
Here is what you need:
  • Pretzels
  • Hugs & Kisses
  • Kisses
  • M&Ms
  • Baking Sheets & Parchment Paper

Heat oven to 300. Line the Baking Sheets with the Parchment Paper. Lay the pretzels on the lined baking sheets and top with an unwrapped kiss. Put in the oven for 1 or 2 minuets. {NOT 20 or 10 minuets like Evan said in the video.} Keep checking them!! Just when the Chocolate is about to melt, take the pan out of the oven and top each kiss with a M&M. The M&M will push the melted chocolate kiss into the pretzel. Let them cool. I put ours in the freezer to cool them faster.

PLEASE Make sure you are helping your Children around the Hot Pans!!

They look so cute in cello bags tied with ribbon. If you need Cello Bags & Ribbon you can order them *here* just click on the SHOP NOW under my name.

If you have any questions let us know!

thanks for looking~

evan, jabin & andy :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Delightful Decorations Card for Kelsey

Last night we had our Scrap N' Stampers Christmas Party. We draw names and exchange gifts. It is so fun!! This year I had Kelsey. Here is the card I made for her using the Delightful Decorations Set and the coordinating punch available in the Holiday Mini Catalog ...
My {What I like to do} for the day is...
When I have a gift and card to give
{What I like to is...}
  • use a brown kraft gift bag
  • put the {hand stamped} card in a clear envelope
  • attach the clear envelope & card to the front of the gift bag using stampin' dimensionals

andy :)


Dear Scrap N' Stampers~

I hope you all had a great time last night!! The all the food & desserts were delicious!!

Awesome Gifts for the exchange!! What an amazing {and talented} group we have!!

And Angie THANKS for Hosting us!! {BTW-did you remember to let your husband out of the basement??}

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Memory Advent Book {2009}

Don't you just LOVE it when people come up with GREAT ideas!!

I seen *this* post and knew it was something that I wanted to do this month!
So, I started making our very own Memory Advent Book for December 2009.

Lucky for me I have been working on Photo Organization this past year, so finding pictures from "December Pasts" was fairly easy. That {hard} part was narrowing it down to just 25 pictures! :)

Starting {TODAY} Our family will find a picture and write our thoughts and/or memories on the blank kraft card stock with the tab.

The boys have looked through this book many times already! It should be fun... and I may get a little emotional at times from the memories! :)

Here are a few pictures I have included in the book...

{our first christmas eve with babies!! :) they are still the best gift ever!!}

{Greg on this Dad's lap}

{evan & jabin- when greg was home with the boys he would call me at work to say that he got the boys dressed and the looked so cute, that he had to take a picture. we have lots of pictures of the two of them. :)}

{jabin & evan w/great grandma retz}

{me as a little girl!}

{cousins... my aunt carla made us the stockings... i still hang mine up every year!}