Thursday, December 24, 2009

December happenings & Christmas Eve :)

My, oh my, how fast December goes along!
We've been busy making gifts, cookies, stamping Christmas cards, shopping and we even went to Rochester on the 19th to celebrate Christmas with my Dad & Linda.

{Evan, Jabin, Amaya & Kaylee Jo}
As always Grandma Linda {and Grandpa Doug} have a few gifts for the kids. This year Grandma put Greg, Andy & Tina on the {BIG} wrapped boxes to try to fool the kids. Poor Jabin didn't think it very funny when he thought that Greg really got the Bat Cave play-set! Then we told him it was really for him we squealed with excitement.

Evan got the spin-n-fix Thomas set he has been wanting.
The kids had time to play with their new toys & give Grandma a hard time for mixing up the names on the gifts before we went to a Play at my Dad's Church. We ate lots of yummy food. Nicci, Brandon, Tina & Dave wanted to go shopping, so Nicci asked Greg if he could watch Kaylee Jo. He was very happy to do that! :)
Kaylee Jo was tired so he made her a bottle and we took her to my Dad & Linda's room so she could take a nap. I ended up falling asleep on the bed and Greg & Kaylee Jo fell asleep in the chair. After awhile Greg brought her over to me and I got to curl up with that little cutie!! :)
{That *might* have been my favorite part of the day!}
Here are a few pictures I took after the play of my Dad & the Kids...

Other random pictures & things to share.....

Jabin made a tree out of m&ms:

The boys made these at Thanksmas:

We made these for Evan & Jabin's school friends:
Greg's parents gave the Boys some money for Christmas and we {thought} it would be fun to bring them to Toys R Us and let them pick out some gifts. Yesterday I was at school in the afternoon so after school the Boys & I headed over to Greg's work to pick him up in Oakdale, but on the way we stopped at Target & Office Max to get a few things. And we only got a few things because I FORGOT my list! I am such a "list person!" After we picked up Greg we drove to Woodbury and went out to eat, then {thought} we were going to Toys R Us and it turned out to be:We LOVE babies and all, but this was NOT what we were expecting. We went in and they had some toys, but nothing that the Boys wanted. So we left and headed to a Toys R Us store in Maplewood. We went there and Jabin found two things, Evan nothing. Evan had something in mind and they didn't have it. So we went from there to a Target in North St Paul. They didn't have what Evan was looking for, but Jabin found another toy. We went to another Target in Oakdale and finally found what Evan was looking for!!
Meanwhile it was late and it was snowing and blowing. I was nervous about driving home but we made it. Greg followed me, I think that made me even more nervous! {But I did try to follow Greg but I wasn't keeping up with him.} He said the roads were fine and I could have went faster, I disagree and and was just happy to finally make it home! :)
All month the Boys have been counting down the days with a chocolate advent calendar. Well-today was the BIG day, they got to open the {BIG DOOR} on the thing. Turns out it might have been a {BIG DOOR} but the Chocolate was a small moon. The boys called it a Fuddie Duddie thing! :)

I am glad that we will be home all day today & tomorrow!! I {LOVE} being home with Greg & the Boys on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day! Just being here with them makes my heart happy! :) We like to hang out, watch movies, play and do whatever else it is that we do.
Greg & the Boys were just outside and now it is time for Hot Cocoa....
Enjoy your Christmas Eve!
andy :)

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