Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Memory Advent Book {2009}

Don't you just LOVE it when people come up with GREAT ideas!!

I seen *this* post and knew it was something that I wanted to do this month!
So, I started making our very own Memory Advent Book for December 2009.

Lucky for me I have been working on Photo Organization this past year, so finding pictures from "December Pasts" was fairly easy. That {hard} part was narrowing it down to just 25 pictures! :)

Starting {TODAY} Our family will find a picture and write our thoughts and/or memories on the blank kraft card stock with the tab.

The boys have looked through this book many times already! It should be fun... and I may get a little emotional at times from the memories! :)

Here are a few pictures I have included in the book...

{our first christmas eve with babies!! :) they are still the best gift ever!!}

{Greg on this Dad's lap}

{evan & jabin- when greg was home with the boys he would call me at work to say that he got the boys dressed and the looked so cute, that he had to take a picture. we have lots of pictures of the two of them. :)}

{jabin & evan w/great grandma retz}

{me as a little girl!}

{cousins... my aunt carla made us the stockings... i still hang mine up every year!}

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