Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Evan & his new pillow {and two stamped projects}

Evan has been sick since Sunday.
So I have been taking care of him. He can't talk so he has to whisper.
Yesterday I had to bring him to my Mom's for a few hours so I could go to a few places. {I still have Christmas Shopping to do!}
While he was there she made him {and Jabin} this pillow. He was so excited about it! He slept with it last night and was using it this morning. At our house when you are sick you get to eat in the living room and use "the sick tray". {the tray is my pampered chef cooling rack! :)} His sore throat has turned to a bad cough, so he is going to the Dr later today.
So much for getting all my {to dos} done this week.
Here are a few things I have recently made:

I just finished my Christmas cards today and will get them mailed out.
I'll try to post a picture of it soon. I went with a very simple card & picture this year.

Have a good day!!

andy :)

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Ann said...

Trying to catch up! Boy does that material look familiar. :) Sounds like a good dealio when you're sick at your house. I remember some similar special things when Alyssa was young that we would do when she was sick too! :)

Too cute!
Ann :)