Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom! :)

Today is my Mom's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

We all went to her house today to Celebrate and to have our Christmas.

We took the kids to the elementary school in New Richmond to go sledding. It was SO much fun! We had a great day.

I'd love to share pictures of the day...

However, I forgot my camera at my Aunt Sue's house yesterday, when we went to her house in Eau Claire, for the Retz Family Christmas. So I couldn't take any. Lucky we had my mom's camera, so someday I might be able to share them. :)

I tell ya I am feeling {lost} without it!
She is going to mail it back to me this week.
{Thanks Aunt Sue!! :)}
Ok... so I was just "stealing" some pictures out of my sister Amanda's facebook album to share.
Here they are...
My Boys wanted White Dr Coats for Christmas. {yes, I know ONLY my Boys!} They wanted to be scientists and conduct experiments. So my Mom found them these white lad coats and put Dr Evan & Dr Jabin on them and also gave them some kid size safety goggles. They were SO excited. They LOVED them!

So... how cool was Gramma when she got out the baking soda & vinegar??
Very cool!!! She knocked their sock off!! :)
Amanda helped them "grow" bugs.
I *wish* I could have got a picture of them sleeping in the van when we got home tonight. They both were sound asleep with their safety goggles on! :)

Jabin, Amaya, Evan, Parker and Cole {the clan of 6 year-olds!}

{Thanks Amanda for the pictures!!}

I'll be back posting later this week to share...
  • what I made {all} the Grandparents for Christmas. {I couldn't post it since most of them read my blog!}
  • Up-coming Stamp Classes & Club Cards for January
  • Up-coming Kids Stamp Kamp projects & date
  • Sale-A-Bration Open House Date
  • and anything else I {must} share!

Have a great week! I know we have yet another bust week planned. I am excited about it though. I'll worry about a {clean} house next week when the boys go back to school. :)

For now we will just leave all the new toys out so the Boys can play. We have a GIANT train track in the living room, complete with a "farm" & Bat-Man play set, legos all over the dining room table and outside snow gear in the entry way. Let's not even talk about the stamp room! :)

{life is good!}

andy :)

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