Friday, December 31, 2010


today we are {all} home!

i am working on our project life 2010 album.
greg is, as evan put it, "just sitting by the tv."
{he is really working on our home speaker system remotes.}
jabin is designing a new lego set on digital designer.
evan is making a lego cabin, with my pink lego set, just for me.
the boys can't wait to stay up 'til midnight.
i wonder if greg & i will make it that late??
happy {new} year to you!!
andy :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

{merry christmas}

merry christmas...
from our family, to yours!
andy, jabin, evan & greg

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{cookie making}

{maddie, jabin & evan}
{evan's cookies}

{jabin's cookies}

we made our cut-out cookies tonight.

it takes time, lots of time, for evan & jabin to decorate their cookies.

each little sprinkle is placed with care.

{for the first few anyway!}

then, usually after the boys run off to play and i've had enough,

it's grab whatever & let's get these things decorated!! :)

here is a little video for you to enjoy...

{you might have to go to my blog to see the video if your a subscriber}

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

to my little kodak camera

i had a dream about my camera last night.
i brought it to a store to be looked at because it wasn't working the best.
they took it away from me and gave me another one to try.
but that wasn't what i wanted i guess.
in my dream it was like they were taking away a family member or something.
i was reaching out for it as they were taking it away to the back room
and i was freaking out and saying "no don't take it away."
{crazy right?}
i thought so!
i know it's not a fancy new camera, but we have had it for SO long {as in march of 2004}, it works great and we have captured SO many moments with it that i guess i am very attached to it.
but why i had to have a dream about it?
who knows!?!
so to my little kodak camera...
i'm sorry that i have dropped you a few times.
you look worn, but you are loved.
i/we have taken a picture EVERYday, so far, in 2010 and you have always been there!
the pictures that i have of my babies, that were captured by you, are priceless to me.
thank you for being a good little camera to our little family.
andy :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

a little display

here is a little display i have in my stamp room...

  • the candle wrap was made by my mom. she made it for me because she knew it would match my stamp room. :)
  • the tags were from a christmas class i did last year.
  • the 12x12 scrapbook page is one i recently did of greg & i with photos we took, at of all places, menards.
  • i bought the cute little lights and the greenery in the pie plates at bittersweet farm.
  • i had the mini pie plates & stand i bought from longaberger a while ago.

{sweet & simple}

that is just how i am {trying} to keep things around here.

i'm just not sure how that is working out for me yet!?!

andy :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010


this morning we were running a tad late and had to hustle.
i'm sure it had nothing to do with staying up past 9pm then up before 5am to say bye & i love you to dad, eat the advent chocolate of the day, put together the advent lego surprise and crawl back in bed with mom for a while. ;)
after getting up {again}, getting dressed and a quick breakfast the boys were off to their bathroom to brush their teeth.
i was on my way down the hall to see how the boys were doing
...when jabin ran out of the bathroom.
i must have startled him because he said,
"ahhh.. i thought you were a zombie!"
SO i said,
"i'm not a zombie, i'm your mummy!"
i am happy to report that the boys did an amazing job at getting ready in a jiffy and i also made sure i told them how proud i was of them.
they even had a few minuets of {free time} to play in the snow before the bus came.
that seems to be "the thing" lately, to play at the end of the driveway in all the snow with their snow shovels.
have a great day!!!
andy :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{snow fun}

with all the snow we received this past weekend the boys had {snow} much fun playing in it!
i {LOVE} these close-up pictures of jabin & evan!!

even greg had fun snow-blowing. he helped the neighbor remove some of the snow from his driveway and in return received farm fresh cheese and frozen blueberries from his garden. he also worked on our sledding hill and made a HUGE pile of snow for the boys to play on. HUGE to the boys that when jabin saw it he said a bad word with a holy in front of it. then he said he was sorry for saying the bad word, but he just "had" to say it!

i enjoyed being warm inside and watching out the window as the boys played together.

we also spent {many} hours together in the lego room cleaning and putting sets together.

"just in case" some boys we know get new legos for christmas...

we want to be prepared!

andy :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

little gifts

jabin's class is collecting little gifts for a soldier.
theses are the things i packaged up in cello bags.

{chewing gum}

{10 assorted cards & envelopes}

{jolly ranchers}

these would make cute little gifts for anyone...

however, i am especially {happy} that they are going to someone serving our country.

andy :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

IKEA tree {trimmings}

we had our scrap n' stampers christmas party last night.
{thank you for hosting sandy!! and thanks for all the yummy food girls!!}

{also thank you ann for the wonderful gift... i love it!!}

we draw names each year and this year i had angie.
i had angie's girls here a few times last summer, so i printed this picture that i took of her girls and put it in a frame. {only i had it printed in b&w}

made her some IKEA tree {trimmings} for the IKEA tree i knew she already had.

i had the {christmas subway} art from *this* blog printed and i framed it.

{and i made sure i made an extra set for myself!}

put it all together and this is what i came up with, only i have a silly santa had picture of evan & jabin for my display:

andy :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

so sad, but true!

i am working on our family christmas card
and it is
so sad, but true...

the only stamping involved is using my address stamp on the envelopes!

{BIG GASP!!!!}

i know!!! right?!?

i have a {TAD} bit of guilt for having photo cards printed this year.

...but not enough to make me hand stamp 80+ cards this year.

i went for # of pictures {seriously there are 6 pictures on our card!}, cost and the less stress factor!

i hope you understand! :)


how are your holiday cards coming along??

i *might* have cheated a {tad} but hey, they are almost ready to mail and it is ONLY december 2nd!. two years ago i sent my cards out in january!

that is just more time for me to spend on hand stamping gifts for those left on my christmas list!

andy :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

getting ready for christmas

we didn't do {ANY} shopping on black friday!
we just stayed home, did some baking & stamping, put the christmas tree(s) up and decorated the house.
i {LOVE} the glow of white christmas lights at night! :)
the boys made cookies for santa.
{paper cookies & white paper milk!}
we have a stack of gifts under the tree.
{su! boxes and a mt.dew box from the garage that the boys wrote to & froms on!}
and the chocolate candy count down to christmas starts today!
let the fun begin!!
andy :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

thanksmas {2010}

we had the herdahl family
thanksgiving + christmas = {thanksmas}
celebration on saturday with my dad's side of the family!
the boys had been waiting and waiting for {thanksmas} so we made a count down on our chalkboard in the kitchen. it was a fun day with good food, family, the kids program, a visit from SANTA and playing the dice game.
i made my grandpa herdahl a lemon poppy seed cake. i {try} to make him one every year. {my mom started the tradition, then i took over.} i *might have* forgot to make him one last year and he asked me about it. {oops!} so i wrote myself a note in my christmas planner so i wouldn't forget this year! :)
jabin & i made the cake on friday, brought it to him saturday and he love it! grandpa even shared some of the cake with us on sunday. that was a real treat! i had brought the boys over to great-grandma & grandpa's house so they could play there while i went to my cousin's baby shower. they had a great time.
{both the boys and great-grandma & pa!}
andy :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

baby shower card

yesterday i attended a baby shower for my
cousin who is having her first baby.
{how exciting!}
this was the card i made...

since we don't know if she is having a boy or girl i wanted to keep the card neutral. i used so saffron, basic grey and a touch of regal rose for the heart. i love this single stamp called baby steps {item #117092}

inside saying:

pink or blue..
we are very
excited for you!
happy {new} baby!

we made a card with the same stamp & layout at my august 2010 stamp club.

happy stamping!

andy :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving! :)

{happy thanksgiving}
i hope you have all had a wonderful day!
we cooked a turkey {with my hero husband getting it ready & in the oven for us} along all the fixings and spent the day at home together. we didn't have any visitors, but it was nice to talk to a few friends & family on the phone. :) we also watched a charlie brown thanksgiving and ate popcorn.
evan enjoying his pumpkin pie that i made this morning.
{i see he doesn't like pie crust either!}
jabin with the apple pie he picked out yesterday
while running errands with greg.
{this kid ate two helpings of food and then ate a pc of pie!}
i am the most thankful for my husband and our boys.
we are truly blessed to have the two of them, since {trying} to have more has been an ongoing struggle, full of heartache and disappointments for the past 6 1/2 years now. our family is not ready to give up just yet and so we keep looking at our options.
we have so much to be thankful for,
so much that we have worked for,
and so much more we have left to do!
wishing many blessing to you & yours,
andy :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

{she} won!

on november 11th i brought my friend out to lunch, for her birthday, at one of our favorite places....
she dropped her business card in for the free lunch drawing and guess what??
i get an e-mail from her last night and it went a little something like this...
omg, that is hilarious


I won

she did the FWD thing to show that she had {WON} lunch for 15!!

{i just hope i'm invited!}

it's nice to know that i hang-out with winners!


happy birthday {again} rhonda! :)

i won free lunch last summer and my sister won free lunch last winter.

man, i {love} that place!

andy :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

gift pack class

{gift pack class}

in this gift pack class you will make a set of 10 assorted cards {with envelopes}, a matching pen & carrying case. these make a GREAT gift!!

{designer paper supplied will vary from the picture shown above.}

This class is limited to 20 {total} gift packs, so sign-up quick!

$15 {you supply your own adhesive} additional gift pack kits just $10 each
$20 {if you want me to supply your adhesive} additional gift pack kits just $12 each

here are the class dates:

sunday december 5th 2pm
monday december 13th 9am
monday december 13th starting at 6:30pm
{come when you can. i know some of you can't make it 'til 7pm}

location: andy's house {let me know if you need directions}


phone: 715.268.4143

if you want to take this class and these dates do not work for you, let me know when you {can} make it, i’ll see what we can work out!

christmas stamp class

{christmas stamp class}

in this christmas stamp class you will make 2 each of the 5 projects shown below:

what is great about this class is that EVERYTHING is supplied for you! you can just show up, make your projects and have them on hand to give to your family & friends.

if you have ever wanted to {try} stamping without a BIG investment, THIS is your chance.

the christmas stamp class is limited to 12 {total} participants, so sign-up quick!

cost: $20

here are the dates:

thursday december 9th starting at 6:30pm

{come when you can. i know some of you can't make it 'til 7}

friday december 10th at 9am

location: andy’s house {let me know if you need directions}



phone: 715.268.4143

this is what the inside of the tin looks like. how cute to add a gift card or cash for that special little {or big} person. the tags could be colored and added to a christmas tree or given to a special someone. :)

if you want to take this class and these dates do not work for you, let me know when you {can} make it, i’ll see what we can work out!

Monday, November 22, 2010

online spectacular november 22-30, 2010

to find the deals click on the picture above.
when you get to my demonstrator site, click shop now.
or you can look at the PDF file by clicking *here*
if you want me to place your order for the online spectacular savings, clearance rack items or anything else, please e-mail me your order. i will e-mail you back with your order total.
if you have any questions {please} let me know!
andy :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

a {few} decorations

i have been {trying} to get in the holiday card/gift making mood… it just hasn’t been working out so well for me. so yesterday i decided that i needed to clean-up my stamp room, listen to some Christmas music and put out a few holiday decorations.
here is what i put out on my stamp room work tables:

today while i was out & about i picked up some small candy canes. now that the boys are home from school & seen the candy canes they have decided that the {tree} needs candy canes.

hopefully this helps!
{thanks boys!}

andy :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 in 2010 :)

if you have {ever} thought about becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator now would be a good time to join! :) the starter kit is 50% off!!
click on the picture below to view the information flyer:

From November 15 through November 30, 2010 your new recruits can purchase the Standard or Digital+ Starter Kits for only $87.50--that is 50 percent off the regular price of $175 for over $310 worth of paper or digital crafting and business supplies!

Promotion Deadlines:

•Paper IDAs must be received no later than Tuesday, November 30, 2010; 6:50 PM (MT)
Online IDAs must be submitted by Tuesday, November 30, 2010; 11:50 PM (MT)
my password to join is:
there is a new site called 10,000 recruits in 2010 to track the number of new demonstrators! you can check it out *here*
will {you} be the 10,000th new recruit??
if you have any questions please let me know!
andy :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my {mama} station

since moving my stamp room to the basement i've been wanting my own {mama} station in the den. a place for my control journal/calendar {or i should say out of control journal/calendar! :)}, my family file basket and the boys' school files.
i just didn't want to spend lots of $$ for a desk because really the whole room needs something done with it. but for now i just need something that would do ...just to get all of that {stuff} out of the kitchen.
my solution??

a desk for $15

white paint

12x12 scrapbooking paper

mod podge


black spray paint

optional: an old stained~up/painted~up sweatshirt :)

i just painted the desk white, added the scrapbook paper to the top with mod podge and spray painted the drawer pulls black.
and this is what i have now...

my own little {mama} station!

andy :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

guess what i got today???

i {heart} getting mail...

WHEN IT'S THE NEW Stampin' Up!
you are going to {LOVE} it!!!
heads up....
january 25th-march 31st, 2011
occasions mini
january 4th-april 30th, 2011
andy :)
ps: the all CAPS means i am SUPER excited!!
pss: if you would like to get your hands on NEW stuff first, like the mini catalogs, then you {need} to sign~up and become a demonstrator under me!! :)
even better.... sign~up between november 15-30, 2010 and get your starter kit for just $87.50!!
contact me for more information or just visit my demonstrator site *here*!!
new demo password: stampinandy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


ok stamping friends...
i have {LOTS} of ideas for a holiday stamp camp dancing in my head!!
i'll be working on the samples and setting some dates over the next few days.
who's idea was it anyway to take a break from my stamp clubs for 3 months?!?
i miss you my stamping friends!!
andy :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

stamp {your} stack

tonight at our scrap n' stampers class we are having a stamp {your} stack night. i am excited to go. it seems like FOREVER since i've been to class!!
here is my card idea for tonight:
for the stamp {your} stack you bring a card sample and the supplies, like the stamp set, ink, embossing folder, glitter, etc. to make the card. everyone else brings their own card stock and goes around to stations to make the cards. what a GREAT idea angie & kelsey had! :)
andy :)

as excited {and ready} as i was about the thought of going to class last night, it just didn't happen. i wasn't feeling up to it and ended up in bed resting instead. :( so sad!!
i hope they had fun without me!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

{happy halloween}

i hope you all had a fun night!

we went out trick~or~treating and the boys got more candy than they {expected} they told us.

jabin was indiana jones
evan was a banker
and the princesses would be cassie & tasha

good~bye october, hello november!

andy :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

{out with friends}

tonight i will be going with our Scrap N' Stampers group to woodbury for a field trip!! i am SO excited to go. archiver's & michael's look out---
here we come!!
{really i'm just happy to go shopping with friends in woodbury and NOT have a dr appointment too!}

Thursday, October 14, 2010


  • i stamped last night and a little tonight. thus the cards & stuff on my work island. i am working on thank you cards for october orders that i am {truly} grateful for! i hope to get them out soon.
  • i just wrapped some chocolate bars for evan & jabin's teachers in designer series paper that said:
    You just survived
    two field trips
    in two days!!
    {You deserve some chocolate!}
  • i have a {new} stampin' up! order just waiting to be taken out of the box & played with. {this means that ann, sandy & lou i have your petal dies!!} have you checked out the clearance rack yet?? what are you waiting for?!!? :)
  • my project life album is on my island. i am also catching up on that! i have taken a picture a day since january 1st & i keep a notebook as a little journal, i just need to write on the {journal cards} for the album.
  • i {still} have on my to do list to take pictures of my "new" room & scrapbooking organization stuff , plan some classes, clean the house & do some laundry. :)
  • i have been running all over creation for the past week, so when i didn't have an appointment today i was able to go with the boys on a field trip---that made me a happy mama!
  • i can't eat or drink after midnight tonight so i'm going to go eat something quick! :)
  • we don't have any weddings this weekend, just my mother-in-law's birthday on sunday!! {happy birthday grandma KC!!}

have a wonderful weekend!

andy :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a place for backpacks :)

ah, the side entry area.
this space needed some help.

as much as i LOVE the mirror & our family baskets hanging in this space, i didn't like the fact that this arrangement just was not working for our family & this busy little space!

at first greg didn't want to build anything, so i searched for benches to buy. then thought again when they ranged from $300 to $1,000. ouch! then i thought... maybe {we} should make some, we build a house why can we make a bench! but the answer was still: building a house is one thing, building furniture is another.
THEN i found *this* site and fell in LOVE with the cubbies. {i wanted the cubbies!} so the weekend of my mom's wedding i asked my aunt sue if she thought my uncle don would maybe help "me" build some cubbies if i came over one day. {did i mention greg was there at the time?} EVANdentaly, i forgot to mention to greg that i would {help} make the cubbies... and i might have offended that certain someone, by asking someone else for help.
well, i still wanted the cubbies so i kept on checking ana's site for the cubbie plans and nothing. then one day that week in the mail i got my FreshHome magazine and there in the back was... get this... ana, the cubbies and the plans! i was super excited!! :) {that post can be found *here* }

by the end of that busy week, greg said he had to go to menards. that is common practice around here, so when i did ask for what, imagine my delight when he said for the cubbie supplies! :)
so in between resting & feeling sick on oct 3rd i helped build some cubbies with my family! i say family because the boys helped out too! :)

saturday before tina's wedding greg sanded the cubbies. by late sunday afternoon the kids & i painted the cubbies and greg finished attatching the rest of the pcs.

{gotta love sunday's picture of the day!}
after one final trip to menards for screws {to hang the star hooks} we have in our side entryway a beautiful {hand made by the fribergs} cubbie!

i LOVE it!! and i think i love it even more because {we} made it!! i knew greg could do it, and i knew i could "try" and help. :) we had most of the tools he just had to buy one new kreg jig thing, and now that he has that--- just think of what else he... um, i totally meant we.. could build! :)
so thank you ana white for the plans.
thank you bittersweet farms for the cute star hooks i bought there!
thank you uncle don for the {use} of your name! the cubbies are made and you didn't even lift a finger!:)
and thank you greg for the cubbies {you are amazing!} & for all the things you do for us!
ah, a place for backpacks, i am SO happy!!
andy :)

mr. & mrs. david peper

ok... so these pictures are NOT in {order} but i can't seem to move the pictures around so this is what you get! :)
saturday october 9th 2010
{justina & david}
peper's wedding
my sister tina got married on saturday! it was such a beautiful day!! i feel very blessed that we got to share their special day!! :)

our family
{LOVE} that the boys had to hold their wedding cake for the picture. it was part of the wedding after all!

{around 8am} evan came into our room this morning and said “hello mom & dad, i’m all ready for the wedding. do i look handsome?” :)
kaylee jo & i all ready to go
the wedding party

me, nicci & kayla

the boys & i

for more beautiful pictures of the bride {and groom} and more wedding pictures
go *here*
yes-- for the record that was two beautiful weddings in two weeks plus i had surgery in between. {oh, and we built some new cubbies, but that is another post!} now if i could get my voice back {lost it at the reception, so did tina, so we can't even talk about the wedding!} & start to feel better i could get some stamping done!! :)
have a great night!!
andy :)