Friday, January 1, 2010

just 12 of my favorite photos of 2009...

I was just checking out Stacy Julian's Blog and came across *this* little challenge.

I had to select & share 12 of my favorite photos of 2009. JUST 12???!!!??? With hundreds to pick from I did narrow it down to 12.
Here are 12 of my favorite photos of 2009 in no particular order....

Greg worked yesterday and the Boys & I went to our Friends {Pat & Bonnie's} house. I helped Bonnie organize her stamping stuff and card stock. It was fun for me!! :) The Boys played with Chloe.  
We watched Kaylee Jo last night. The Boys were excited to have a sleep-over & stay up 'til midnight!  They were both yawning by 9 when I fed the baby & was rocking her while Greg rested.  Then Evan came along and wanted Greg to rub his neck. Jabin came strolling in with his blanket and crawled in bed with Greg & Evan.  I got Kaylee Jo to sleep & we were all in bed by 9:30. 
I'm sure my Dad was surprised when he called at 11pm and we were all sleeping! 
{Lucky he didn't wake the baby!!} :) 
Kaylee Jo was up around 1am.  Jabin was up with us.  He helped me with Kaylee Jo and wanted to know what time it was.  He was a little bummed because he didn't stay up 'til midnight.  I 
reassured him that we didn't make it either!  
Then he said "Is this what you do??"   :)
Meaning when I say I was "up" with Kaylee all night. 
He fell asleep on the couch and Kaylee Jo & I went back to bed.
Today we brought Kaylee Jo to her Mom & Dad at Tina's.  We spent the afternoon watching the kids
{and some of us adults} play wii bowling. 
It was a fun day.
Here's to a Happy New Year!
andy :)

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