Thursday, April 22, 2010

SU! acrylic clear-mount block storage

i wasn't sure how i was going to {store} my new Stampin' Up! acrylic clear-mount blocks.
should i use a basket, bin, drawer???
then one day in march greg bought a new tv. as he was taking it out of the box and tossing the packaging off to the side, i noticed these things.... hmmmm??? now what could i use that for???
{my blocks came to mind!}
i quickly took them and stashed them in my stamp room!
later i came up with this...
i sorted my clear-mount blocks and they did fit pretty good in the {tray} so i decided that it would work for my clear-mount block storage.

i did use a marker to {label} each section so i know where to put each block and that way i can see if i am missing a block too. i keep them on my work table so they are handy to grab when i need them.

if you need a storage {solution} just keep an open mind, who knew this {tray} would work for my blocks! if you want your own tray, i guess you could go buy your husband a new tv and ask for the packaging. then you both would be happy. a win/win situation i'd say. :)
have a wonderful day!
andy :)

ps~ if you need a link to the tv we bought, just let me know. *wink-wink*


Justina said...

ha ha ha ha thats funny! who would of ever thought you of all people you would re~use something. JK Am I rubbing off on you?

Mom of boys said...

What a great idea!