Sunday, May 9, 2010

the weekend...

this weekend was a busy one!
saturday morning evan brought me my mother's day gifts just after 7. jabin brought me his gifts when he got up. :) they were so cute the things they made for me!! :) i loved it all.
greg's parents came over and we all went to my grandma & pa herdahl's birthday party. {grandpa turned 90 in feb, and grandma just turned 85}
the kids colored a poster...then my aunt's & dad sang some songs,
then they had the kids sing along to a few songs...and i hope this video works for you!! evan went up and asked my aunts if they could play the "water cycle song" he learned in school. they picked up on it and evan sang his little heart out in front of a room full of people!! they never practiced with evan or anything so i think they all did wonderful! {thanks joanne & sharon!! :)}

i am so proud of you evan! :)
my grandma took this picture of us girls.
we helped cut the birthday cakes.
{amanda, janel, me & tina}

amaya & jabin with their creations...
{good idea grandpa doug to bring the roll of white paper & crayons!!}

it was nice to visit with family & cousins i haven't seen i awhile!

after the birthday party the boys went home with tina & amaya. they were going to have a sleepover. they had a fun playing, having green kool-aid, pizza and watching a movie.

after we got home, greg's parents left. i took a little nap, and then we went over to our friends nascar party. let's just say we had a really, REALLY, fun time because we stayed up ALL night and by the time we left their house, stoped to get breakfast, yes, i said breakfast, at 6 AM and got home it was around 6:30 AM.

so, i went to bed at 7:30 AM this morning, got a 8:15 AM "happy mother's day" wake-up call from the boys, went back to sleep for an hour or so, then we had to go pick them up from tina's.

after we go back home i did get another little nap. :)

we had a "normal" sunday, homework, yard work, laundry, cleaning, etc.
the boy's did seem extra sweet because it was mother's day. jabin helped me with lots of little things and evan gave me 35 kisses in a row!! :)

i made supper, finished homework, had a little ice cream and then we had to get the boys to bed.
i better get to bed myself! i'm not use to staying up all night!!
{it was worth it though! :)}

so to end the weekend...
Happy Mother's Day!!
~andy :)

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