Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"employee" summer picnic :)

after making 8 trips to woodbury in two weeks for appointments going out for lunch once paid off! :)
my sister tina & i went to chipotle one day and dropped our business cards in the drawing for a free lunch. guess who won?? this time i did!! :)
i say "this time" because tina won lunch for 10 back in december and we just happened to be out shopping with my mom for her birthday and we were going to take her out for lunch anyway, so that was a nice little bonus! {that time we had nicci & kaylee jo with us though!} tina called our lunch her "employee" christmas party! we has so much fun at lunch that day. :)
last week i was super excited when i got the call that i had won lunch for 5 at the stillwater chipotle. i called my mom and sisters, tina & amanda, and invited them to my "employee" summer picnic. :) even greg was able to join us since he works in the area.
we had a nice lunch together! {we missed nicci & kaylee jo though!}
after lunch we went to target & cub. since we went for lunch, i might as well get the grocery shopping done for the week! :)
the boys spotted the weinermobile from target, so once we got to cub we had to get a picture! :)

what a fun day.

on a side note...
after i checked out at cub, i was waiting with the boys by a bench, for my mom to finish paying & bagging her groceries, when this cute little old lady came up to me holding a melon and asked me if i bought a melon. i was confused thinking- did i leave one when i was bagging my groceries, did i have one on the bottom of my cart & forgot to pay for it??????

after a second i said no i didn't buy a melon.

so she asked me if i wanted one. she said they were 2 for $3 and she wasn't going to pay full price and only get one so she bought two, but could only eat one, so do you want it??

still confused i said sure, she handed over the melon, i said thank you SO much, put it in my cart and she was gone.

so thank you again cute little old lady at cub, i appreciate your generosity!

have a good day!!

andy :)

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Kathy S. said...

Sweet! Was it a good melon?