Monday, June 21, 2010

{project} work & father's day :)

we have been spending lots of family time working together on a {project}, here are the boys on Memorial Day Weekend:

even the on the last day of school we went shopping for {project} materials.
{can you see jabin in the van??}

at IKEA poor jabin was going in the bathroom while a man was on his way out and jabin got smashed in the face by the heavy door. :(last weekend we worked on the {project} some more. we had to go to menards twice in one day and had a pizza picnic as we took a quick break for supper at 9PM! it was getting late and evan decided he couldn't stay up any longer and curled up on the futon & fell asleep. jabin stayed up until midnight. greg & I wanted to go to bed at 11:45, but jabin wanted to stay up 'til MIDNIGHT, so we sat in the kitchen and waited for all three clocks to change to 12:00. :) then went to bed.
Father's Day wasn't any different. we spent the morning working on the {project}, i was clear coating doors, evan was sawing up styrofoam and jabin & greg put shelves together.

in the afternoon we went to a graduation party & menards for more {project} materials.

the {project} we are working on has helped keep us busy{er} these last few weeks. i can't wait to share the rest of the details of the {project} and finished {project} pictures!! :) it will be SO nice when it is done!!
andy :)

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