Tuesday, July 27, 2010

july 2010 club cards and birthdays... TOMORROW!

these are the cards we made at my stamp club this month:

in august we meet on the 11th @ 9am and the 12th @ 6:30pm.

i need to make my babies a card now... evan and jabin are having a birthday tomorrow!! jabin said i could make it like his lunch box notes so i won't have to stay up all night and be tired for tomorrow.
{that means write Happy Birthday on a post-it note!}

and if you couldn't guess the excitement level is pretty high in this house right now!!!! they have gotten a few birthday cards in the mail & hand delivered, and they got a LEGO racers gift today from some friends. they are lovin' it!!

and for my own peace of mind, they have reassured me that they will still hug & kiss me even when they are 7. thank goodness for that!

andy :)

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