Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ready or not, it's club time :)

this is Tasha, what a cute little scrapper! i just had to take a picture of her in my {beautiful} stamp room. :) as you may know we have been busy getting my new stamp room done. and since my stamp club gals will be here in.... ummm ....8 hours or so i'll say the room is ready, but still needs to be organized and just{tina}fied. {meaning i need my big sister to help me decorate.}
the rest of the basement & house could use some help also, but we'll get there! :)
the boys have been bringing their legos down & hanging out with me while i {try} to get work done. they found my stash of rubber bands and had some bad guys tied up the other day. tonight greg hung up a few things in the room. he is SO good at that.
{note to greg: thanks for helping me, sorry i was a crab tonight!}
while i was putting things away and cleaning, the boys were once again playing legos. this time they got the camera and took some pictures and made some lego videos.

at about 9:30pm i started my club cards. the boys went to bed at 10pm. greg went up to bed at 11pm and i am up getting ready for my stamp club in my new room. so far so good. i {love} my work island and so far things have been where i think they should be when i go to get them. :)
i am however tired & have had a few other things on my mind {and may have been a tad CRABBY tonight, thus the i'm sorry! seriously, greg has do so much for me and i'm a crab at him, boy am i feeling bad at the moment!}, but i am so grateful for my new space & loving how the room has come together.
i can't wait to see what the stamping ladies have to say about it. :)
have a good night or day whatever it is, i'm going to sleep off my crabbiness.
andy :)

ps~ i am SO happy to have cubbies for my club projects & folders!!!


Justina said...

were you crabby cuz I forgot to come yesterday :0( Im sorry!

Anonymous said...

Looks great, wish I could come join in all the fun!
Things are worse here, but what's new! :{
Have fun with your new room!