Sunday, August 15, 2010


i just up-loaded a weeks worth of pictures to my other computer and noticed i {only} have
pictures in my picture file.


Hmmmm, i wonder how that happened.

maybe i should delete more of the not so good ones??
maybe i should take LESS pictures?? {NOT!!}

just for fun here are the 4th & 5th picture i took when we went digital back in march of 2004:

{this is evan- i still remember is giggles that day, he WAS so excited about the new camera!}

{this is jabin- he was also happy!}

and here i am so many pictures later to last last one i took {so far} today...

perfect and not so perfect pictures...
i love them all.
i love that i can look back & catch a glimpse of the past.
i love to remember how things were.
to see how my babies have grown.
i love that my screen saver pulls pictures from my files and does a random slide show.
i love that we took the time to take the pictures we did, eventhough i didn't do much with the pictures then, i have them now and that is all that matters to me. :)

do i have a fancy camera? nope.
just the kodak one we bought back in 2004. it's a kodak 4.0 mega pixel easy share DX6440. {yes, i confess- i've even dropped it a few times.}
it has been a good little camera. :)

do i have a fancy editing program? nope.
{i'd love one though!!!} so for now i just work with what i have.
maybe i'll get something this fall & take a class through community ed or something, that would be fun! :)

what about scrapbooking all the pictures i take??
i don't feel the need to scrapbook all of the pictures i take,
but i do want to scrapbook some of them!

sometimes i feel like i am just a "wanna-be" scrapbooker, since i don't have tons of pages done, when I do have tons of photos & tons of supplies.

i guess i had {and still have :)} so many questions on how to...
~what kind of albums to use {post or ring}
~how to sort completed pages
~if i make one page do i need to make two?
{one for each child or another for me}
~how to sort & store my photos
...the list {in my head} goes on & on! :)

so to cut my own guilt of the "wanna-be" in me, i needed a plan & to focus on the the good things that i have & that i have done.

here are some of the good things i have:
~cute boys, family & friends to take pictures of
~ the pictures i've been taking
~the memorabilia i've saved
~lots of notes {taken on little scraps of paper,
notebooks and on my planner pages}
~no guilt {ok, so i just have "less" guilt now} but defiantly more focus! :)
thanks to the book
PhotoFreedom by Stacy Julian
i now have a plan!!
i am currently and have been working on {my} library of memories.
i bought the book on february 27th, 2009
and i have been ever so s-l-o-w-l-y
getting {my} library of memories in place.

for example:
it has taken me over a year, with a little time here & there, just to sort photo files on my computer, up-load my photos to my favorite printing site, print the ones i {might} want to scrapbook and sort them into storage binders.

PhotoFreedom has truly been my FAVORITE scrapbooking book EVER!!
there are SO many things to love about the whole library of memories concept.

i {love} how mine is coming together & i can't wait to share it with you!!

BUT- as much as i'd love to share more now, i need to get my little choppers to bed! :)

plus, get this, i need to take some "more" pictures of my {system} so i can share it with you! :)

stay tuned!
andy :)

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