Monday, August 23, 2010

the ending of summer vacation

well school starts on Sept 1st and we are trying to enjoy every last day of august!
yesterday the boys played in the pool until their feet were all wrinkled up!

today jabin picked 5 raspberries from our newly planted raspberry seedlings. {seen in the background}
carol, a stamp customer/friend, let us come to her house {twice} to dig up the seedlings. the first time we went to get them it started pouring rain so we just went back the next day. :) {thanks carol!!}

saturday we stopped at malva's, a stamp customer/friend to drop off her order. she wasn't there, but she had some wild varmints digging at the carrots in her beautiful garden. we {chased} them away and managed to get some pictures of the varmints a few minuets later...

{thanks malva!!}

we have been getting ready for school by cleaning rooms & closets. since the boys are SO into legos and they just didn't have the space for them in their room {and I don't like stepping on legos in the middle of the night} we cleaned out some toys in the play room and made them NEW lego creation stations.
Lego space before...

lego creation station after...

evan's lego station...

jabin's lego station...

the boys have been saving their own money to buy legos this summer! {it helps to have a july birthday!!}
i had an idea of how i wanted the space set-up, but they both had a say in how they wanted it and we all worked so hard to get everything set up.
the main things were a work table, jabin suggested one for each of them, a shelf to put finished sets on and some kind of drawers to put their own extra parts in. oh, and what to do with the boxes??!!??
the boxes... they are such inspiration to the boys when they are creating their lego sets that i wanted them to have access them. since the wall are not finished i just poked a hole in the back of the box, pounded a nail in the wall and hung up the box. :) how simple. they can take down any box and put it back on the wall when they are done!!
so far so good. they LOVE their lego creation stations, i LOVE that the legos are out of their bedroom, {and the den, my stamp room, the kitchen, the dining room, living room, etc.} they are in one spot and they boys can be playing down stairs when i am working in my stamp room. i also LOVE that we used things found in other areas of the house to complete the project, so it didn't even cost anything!
and on a funny little note:
i am the official sticker put-er-on-er for all the lego sets around here, so jabin & evan found a bell that i had in my stamp room from my mom {one like you would normally "ring for service"} and when they ring the bell it is time for me to go put a sticker on. :)
oh, those boys! the things they think of!!
andy :)


Anonymous said...

Too cute, I love the wrinkly feet especially the toes photo! :)
Our kids went back to school this week.

My "big" kid, Alyssa, started back at college on Monday. She's going to finish this year up at the Junior College since she'll be done with all her gen. ed. requirements & move on to "higher" education next Fall. She's been able to take some courses that will pertain to her Forensics Degree too, so she's all excited. This semester she's taking Criminalistics & Abnormal Psych as well as Statistics & Bio with a lab. Still working at AE Outfitters too & loves her job!
I know that has helped her alot with dealing with everything.

I sure hope all my crazy health issues will be over soon. She has been such a wonderful help with everything! We're the 2 musketeers, instead of 3 now.

Still in the process of the big "D", wish it was over, yet we look at it as having a roof over our heads & the household bills being paid for now. I have so much to tell you, but another time.

Tell the boys to have fun when they go back to school! Will you be back to your same job from last year?

Ann :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to add that you could come over to my house any time & organize for me. Boy do the boys take after you, that's awesome! Love how you have the boxes on the wall, a cool 3D wall of art! :)
Take care,
Ann :)