Friday, August 6, 2010

happy 7th birthday e & j :)

{evan}dently we started a tradition last year by taking the boys to the mall of america on their birthday {july 28th}, because after swimming lessons that is where we went again. :)
Birthday morning was like Christmas morning-- up at 5:30 am to find the presents! there is nothing like putting new lego sets together at 5:45 in the morning! i guess it worked out, because greg got to give the boys their gifts before he went to work.
while working on his lego set, evan noticed a deer in the yard. {granted we live in the woods, but we hardly ever see deer!} when we looked we saw a fawn and when we looked up the path we saw another fawn and the mother. how {sweet} to see twin deer & the mother on your twins' birthday!

in the morning we also had to run to gramma kathy's and then come home and get ready for our day. we had swimming lessons, then went to pick up greg, drove to IKEA, greg & the boys ate a little lunch i had packed while i ran in and did some returns. {it was SO hard for me not to go shopping there!!} THEN it was off to the mall!!
since the boys had some birthday money they could not WAIT to go to lego land! they also LOVED the rides. and a birthday wouldn't be complete without a {mountain} cake from chili's!

this year we were out late and the boys tried SO hard to stay awake on the way home so they could put their new lego sets together. but it got awfully quiet in the back seat and they just couldn't stay awake after our LONG day. so they spent the next few morning working on the new sets.

i'll have to post pictures of the family party another day. that was a nice day also!! we celebrated evan, jabin, amaya & kaylee jo's birthday's on august 1st at the clear lake park.

andy :)


Anonymous said...

How fun was that! Wonderful memories to cherish forever! :) Happy belated Bday to the twins! How amazing to see such graceful creatures by your home as well, that was definitely a sign.
Stampin' Smiles from your SFAM,
Ann :)

Anonymous said...

Tell the boys I love "mountain" cakes too! YUMO!
Ann :)