Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a few more highlights & the first day of school...

here are a few more things we did since the last post...

carol asked us to do her a {favor} and pick her raspberries on day when she couldn't. so we picked and we picked and we picked rasberries {we ate quite a few too!} they were good on ice cream and in *this* dessert! and we have quite a few frozen bags to use this winter! grandma linda gave the boys some pumpkin seeds in their easter baskets last spring. so we planted the seeds the first part of june and we have some {HUGE} pumpkins growing in win & jane's garden! we picked two to enjoy at home. one was 36.2 lbs and the other was 39 lbs!!

our last {cousin} day at tina's. it was so fun this summer to get-together at least once a week with the kids! :)

the first day of school! my 2nd graders!! they are so excited for the school year.

greg took the day off to see the boys off, to watch evan say the Pledge of Allegiance over the loud speaker at school, and so he could be here for chocolate chip cookies after school! :)
here is the video of the Pledge of Allegiance...
{if you are getting this post in an e-mail you will have to go to my blog to view the video.}

have a fun day!!

andy :)

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