Thursday, September 23, 2010

here it is...

here is the last page of the pages i made last week. yes, this one features my boys. i made a thank you card using pictures and was SO impressed by it {hehee} that i made a scrapbook page for myself. :) why not, right?

here are the boys & i yesterday at the farm.

here is my fb status from yesterday:

had fun at the {farm} with the boys on their field trip today. but too bad our bus had to turn around and go back to the farm to pick up a class that was left behind. and yes, in that class, that was left at the farm, was my son jabin. my baby was left at the farm. :( i just thought his class was on the other bus. ah, the joys of being a mom. i just ♥ it!!

good times --right!?

andy :)

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