Monday, September 27, 2010

it's about time!

yes it is about time! after 24 years together my mom & ted just got married on a beautiful fall day, september 25th, 2010. i might be a little selfish here but i am SO glad i don't have to say this any more when talking about my mom & ted... i'll say: my mom & step-dad ted, well he's not really my step-dad because they are not married {yet} but they have been together for like forever, so i just call him my step-dad. {then i take a moment to breath!} :)

they got married in front of their camper, up north, by the camp fire.

one big family of his & hers

many family members & friends were there to celebrate this joyous occasion! after the wedding was a good old pot-luck reception and later the bar had a band so there was even some dancing going on. {i'm not one to brag, but i hit that keg of 1919 rootbeer pretty hard!} :)
congratulations mom & ted!!
what a glorious day!
andy :)

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Jean Measner said...

Oh FINALLY! Next year you can throw them a 25th anniversary party!
Love the birch bark cake with the heart and initials. Very sweet.