Tuesday, October 12, 2010

mr. & mrs. david peper

ok... so these pictures are NOT in {order} but i can't seem to move the pictures around so this is what you get! :)
saturday october 9th 2010
{justina & david}
peper's wedding
my sister tina got married on saturday! it was such a beautiful day!! i feel very blessed that we got to share their special day!! :)

our family
{LOVE} that the boys had to hold their wedding cake for the picture. it was part of the wedding after all!

{around 8am} evan came into our room this morning and said “hello mom & dad, i’m all ready for the wedding. do i look handsome?” :)
kaylee jo & i all ready to go
the wedding party

me, nicci & kayla

the boys & i

for more beautiful pictures of the bride {and groom} and more wedding pictures
go *here*
yes-- for the record that was two beautiful weddings in two weeks plus i had surgery in between. {oh, and we built some new cubbies, but that is another post!} now if i could get my voice back {lost it at the reception, so did tina, so we can't even talk about the wedding!} & start to feel better i could get some stamping done!! :)
have a great night!!
andy :)

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Everyone is so beautiful!