Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a place for backpacks :)

ah, the side entry area.
this space needed some help.

as much as i LOVE the mirror & our family baskets hanging in this space, i didn't like the fact that this arrangement just was not working for our family & this busy little space!

at first greg didn't want to build anything, so i searched for benches to buy. then thought again when they ranged from $300 to $1,000. ouch! then i thought... maybe {we} should make some, we build a house why can we make a bench! but the answer was still: building a house is one thing, building furniture is another.
THEN i found *this* site and fell in LOVE with the cubbies. {i wanted the cubbies!} so the weekend of my mom's wedding i asked my aunt sue if she thought my uncle don would maybe help "me" build some cubbies if i came over one day. {did i mention greg was there at the time?} EVANdentaly, i forgot to mention to greg that i would {help} make the cubbies... and i might have offended that certain someone, by asking someone else for help.
well, i still wanted the cubbies so i kept on checking ana's site for the cubbie plans and nothing. then one day that week in the mail i got my FreshHome magazine and there in the back was... get this... ana, the cubbies and the plans! i was super excited!! :) {that post can be found *here* }

by the end of that busy week, greg said he had to go to menards. that is common practice around here, so when i did ask for what, imagine my delight when he said for the cubbie supplies! :)
so in between resting & feeling sick on oct 3rd i helped build some cubbies with my family! i say family because the boys helped out too! :)

saturday before tina's wedding greg sanded the cubbies. by late sunday afternoon the kids & i painted the cubbies and greg finished attatching the rest of the pcs.

{gotta love sunday's picture of the day!}
after one final trip to menards for screws {to hang the star hooks} we have in our side entryway a beautiful {hand made by the fribergs} cubbie!

i LOVE it!! and i think i love it even more because {we} made it!! i knew greg could do it, and i knew i could "try" and help. :) we had most of the tools he just had to buy one new kreg jig thing, and now that he has that--- just think of what else he... um, i totally meant we.. could build! :)
so thank you ana white for the plans.
thank you bittersweet farms for the cute star hooks i bought there!
thank you uncle don for the {use} of your name! the cubbies are made and you didn't even lift a finger!:)
and thank you greg for the cubbies {you are amazing!} & for all the things you do for us!
ah, a place for backpacks, i am SO happy!!
andy :)

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