Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my {mama} station

since moving my stamp room to the basement i've been wanting my own {mama} station in the den. a place for my control journal/calendar {or i should say out of control journal/calendar! :)}, my family file basket and the boys' school files.
i just didn't want to spend lots of $$ for a desk because really the whole room needs something done with it. but for now i just need something that would do ...just to get all of that {stuff} out of the kitchen.
my solution??

a desk for $15

white paint

12x12 scrapbooking paper

mod podge


black spray paint

optional: an old stained~up/painted~up sweatshirt :)

i just painted the desk white, added the scrapbook paper to the top with mod podge and spray painted the drawer pulls black.
and this is what i have now...

my own little {mama} station!

andy :)

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