Wednesday, November 24, 2010

{she} won!

on november 11th i brought my friend out to lunch, for her birthday, at one of our favorite places....
she dropped her business card in for the free lunch drawing and guess what??
i get an e-mail from her last night and it went a little something like this...
omg, that is hilarious


I won

she did the FWD thing to show that she had {WON} lunch for 15!!

{i just hope i'm invited!}

it's nice to know that i hang-out with winners!


happy birthday {again} rhonda! :)

i won free lunch last summer and my sister won free lunch last winter.

man, i {love} that place!

andy :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are invited. I was thinking of getting them for lunch at work, then taking the rest home.... we won't eat 15 of them here at work. So, you want to come to my work and meet my friends? or do you want to come to my house and re-heat them? it's up to you....