Tuesday, November 30, 2010

thanksmas {2010}

we had the herdahl family
thanksgiving + christmas = {thanksmas}
celebration on saturday with my dad's side of the family!
the boys had been waiting and waiting for {thanksmas} so we made a count down on our chalkboard in the kitchen. it was a fun day with good food, family, the kids program, a visit from SANTA and playing the dice game.
i made my grandpa herdahl a lemon poppy seed cake. i {try} to make him one every year. {my mom started the tradition, then i took over.} i *might have* forgot to make him one last year and he asked me about it. {oops!} so i wrote myself a note in my christmas planner so i wouldn't forget this year! :)
jabin & i made the cake on friday, brought it to him saturday and he love it! grandpa even shared some of the cake with us on sunday. that was a real treat! i had brought the boys over to great-grandma & grandpa's house so they could play there while i went to my cousin's baby shower. they had a great time.
{both the boys and great-grandma & pa!}
andy :)

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Justina said...

ok.. something You NEED to *teach* ME.. how to do a banner like yours, only with my kinda stuff on it!