Friday, December 31, 2010


today we are {all} home!

i am working on our project life 2010 album.
greg is, as evan put it, "just sitting by the tv."
{he is really working on our home speaker system remotes.}
jabin is designing a new lego set on digital designer.
evan is making a lego cabin, with my pink lego set, just for me.
the boys can't wait to stay up 'til midnight.
i wonder if greg & i will make it that late??
happy {new} year to you!!
andy :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

{merry christmas}

merry christmas...
from our family, to yours!
andy, jabin, evan & greg

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{cookie making}

{maddie, jabin & evan}
{evan's cookies}

{jabin's cookies}

we made our cut-out cookies tonight.

it takes time, lots of time, for evan & jabin to decorate their cookies.

each little sprinkle is placed with care.

{for the first few anyway!}

then, usually after the boys run off to play and i've had enough,

it's grab whatever & let's get these things decorated!! :)

here is a little video for you to enjoy...

{you might have to go to my blog to see the video if your a subscriber}

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

to my little kodak camera

i had a dream about my camera last night.
i brought it to a store to be looked at because it wasn't working the best.
they took it away from me and gave me another one to try.
but that wasn't what i wanted i guess.
in my dream it was like they were taking away a family member or something.
i was reaching out for it as they were taking it away to the back room
and i was freaking out and saying "no don't take it away."
{crazy right?}
i thought so!
i know it's not a fancy new camera, but we have had it for SO long {as in march of 2004}, it works great and we have captured SO many moments with it that i guess i am very attached to it.
but why i had to have a dream about it?
who knows!?!
so to my little kodak camera...
i'm sorry that i have dropped you a few times.
you look worn, but you are loved.
i/we have taken a picture EVERYday, so far, in 2010 and you have always been there!
the pictures that i have of my babies, that were captured by you, are priceless to me.
thank you for being a good little camera to our little family.
andy :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

a little display

here is a little display i have in my stamp room...

  • the candle wrap was made by my mom. she made it for me because she knew it would match my stamp room. :)
  • the tags were from a christmas class i did last year.
  • the 12x12 scrapbook page is one i recently did of greg & i with photos we took, at of all places, menards.
  • i bought the cute little lights and the greenery in the pie plates at bittersweet farm.
  • i had the mini pie plates & stand i bought from longaberger a while ago.

{sweet & simple}

that is just how i am {trying} to keep things around here.

i'm just not sure how that is working out for me yet!?!

andy :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010


this morning we were running a tad late and had to hustle.
i'm sure it had nothing to do with staying up past 9pm then up before 5am to say bye & i love you to dad, eat the advent chocolate of the day, put together the advent lego surprise and crawl back in bed with mom for a while. ;)
after getting up {again}, getting dressed and a quick breakfast the boys were off to their bathroom to brush their teeth.
i was on my way down the hall to see how the boys were doing
...when jabin ran out of the bathroom.
i must have startled him because he said,
"ahhh.. i thought you were a zombie!"
SO i said,
"i'm not a zombie, i'm your mummy!"
i am happy to report that the boys did an amazing job at getting ready in a jiffy and i also made sure i told them how proud i was of them.
they even had a few minuets of {free time} to play in the snow before the bus came.
that seems to be "the thing" lately, to play at the end of the driveway in all the snow with their snow shovels.
have a great day!!!
andy :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{snow fun}

with all the snow we received this past weekend the boys had {snow} much fun playing in it!
i {LOVE} these close-up pictures of jabin & evan!!

even greg had fun snow-blowing. he helped the neighbor remove some of the snow from his driveway and in return received farm fresh cheese and frozen blueberries from his garden. he also worked on our sledding hill and made a HUGE pile of snow for the boys to play on. HUGE to the boys that when jabin saw it he said a bad word with a holy in front of it. then he said he was sorry for saying the bad word, but he just "had" to say it!

i enjoyed being warm inside and watching out the window as the boys played together.

we also spent {many} hours together in the lego room cleaning and putting sets together.

"just in case" some boys we know get new legos for christmas...

we want to be prepared!

andy :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

little gifts

jabin's class is collecting little gifts for a soldier.
theses are the things i packaged up in cello bags.

{chewing gum}

{10 assorted cards & envelopes}

{jolly ranchers}

these would make cute little gifts for anyone...

however, i am especially {happy} that they are going to someone serving our country.

andy :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

IKEA tree {trimmings}

we had our scrap n' stampers christmas party last night.
{thank you for hosting sandy!! and thanks for all the yummy food girls!!}

{also thank you ann for the wonderful gift... i love it!!}

we draw names each year and this year i had angie.
i had angie's girls here a few times last summer, so i printed this picture that i took of her girls and put it in a frame. {only i had it printed in b&w}

made her some IKEA tree {trimmings} for the IKEA tree i knew she already had.

i had the {christmas subway} art from *this* blog printed and i framed it.

{and i made sure i made an extra set for myself!}

put it all together and this is what i came up with, only i have a silly santa had picture of evan & jabin for my display:

andy :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

so sad, but true!

i am working on our family christmas card
and it is
so sad, but true...

the only stamping involved is using my address stamp on the envelopes!

{BIG GASP!!!!}

i know!!! right?!?

i have a {TAD} bit of guilt for having photo cards printed this year.

...but not enough to make me hand stamp 80+ cards this year.

i went for # of pictures {seriously there are 6 pictures on our card!}, cost and the less stress factor!

i hope you understand! :)


how are your holiday cards coming along??

i *might* have cheated a {tad} but hey, they are almost ready to mail and it is ONLY december 2nd!. two years ago i sent my cards out in january!

that is just more time for me to spend on hand stamping gifts for those left on my christmas list!

andy :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

getting ready for christmas

we didn't do {ANY} shopping on black friday!
we just stayed home, did some baking & stamping, put the christmas tree(s) up and decorated the house.
i {LOVE} the glow of white christmas lights at night! :)
the boys made cookies for santa.
{paper cookies & white paper milk!}
we have a stack of gifts under the tree.
{su! boxes and a mt.dew box from the garage that the boys wrote to & froms on!}
and the chocolate candy count down to christmas starts today!
let the fun begin!!
andy :)