Thursday, December 16, 2010


this morning we were running a tad late and had to hustle.
i'm sure it had nothing to do with staying up past 9pm then up before 5am to say bye & i love you to dad, eat the advent chocolate of the day, put together the advent lego surprise and crawl back in bed with mom for a while. ;)
after getting up {again}, getting dressed and a quick breakfast the boys were off to their bathroom to brush their teeth.
i was on my way down the hall to see how the boys were doing
...when jabin ran out of the bathroom.
i must have startled him because he said,
"ahhh.. i thought you were a zombie!"
SO i said,
"i'm not a zombie, i'm your mummy!"
i am happy to report that the boys did an amazing job at getting ready in a jiffy and i also made sure i told them how proud i was of them.
they even had a few minuets of {free time} to play in the snow before the bus came.
that seems to be "the thing" lately, to play at the end of the driveway in all the snow with their snow shovels.
have a great day!!!
andy :)

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