Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{snow fun}

with all the snow we received this past weekend the boys had {snow} much fun playing in it!
i {LOVE} these close-up pictures of jabin & evan!!

even greg had fun snow-blowing. he helped the neighbor remove some of the snow from his driveway and in return received farm fresh cheese and frozen blueberries from his garden. he also worked on our sledding hill and made a HUGE pile of snow for the boys to play on.

...so HUGE to the boys that when jabin saw it he said a bad word with a holy in front of it. then he said he was sorry for saying the bad word, but he just "had" to say it!

i enjoyed being warm inside and watching out the window as the boys played together.

we also spent {many} hours together in the lego room cleaning and putting sets together.

"just in case" some boys we know get new legos for christmas...

we want to be prepared!

andy :)

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