Thursday, December 2, 2010

so sad, but true!

i am working on our family christmas card
and it is
so sad, but true...

the only stamping involved is using my address stamp on the envelopes!

{BIG GASP!!!!}

i know!!! right?!?

i have a {TAD} bit of guilt for having photo cards printed this year.

...but not enough to make me hand stamp 80+ cards this year.

i went for # of pictures {seriously there are 6 pictures on our card!}, cost and the less stress factor!

i hope you understand! :)


how are your holiday cards coming along??

i *might* have cheated a {tad} but hey, they are almost ready to mail and it is ONLY december 2nd!. two years ago i sent my cards out in january!

that is just more time for me to spend on hand stamping gifts for those left on my christmas list!

andy :)

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