Tuesday, December 21, 2010

to my little kodak camera

i had a dream about my camera last night.
i brought it to a store to be looked at because it wasn't working the best.
they took it away from me and gave me another one to try.
but that wasn't what i wanted i guess.
in my dream it was like they were taking away a family member or something.
i was reaching out for it as they were taking it away to the back room
and i was freaking out and saying "no don't take it away."
{crazy right?}
i thought so!
i know it's not a fancy new camera, but we have had it for SO long {as in march of 2004}, it works great and we have captured SO many moments with it that i guess i am very attached to it.
but why i had to have a dream about it?
who knows!?!
so to my little kodak camera...
i'm sorry that i have dropped you a few times.
you look worn, but you are loved.
i/we have taken a picture EVERYday, so far, in 2010 and you have always been there!
the pictures that i have of my babies, that were captured by you, are priceless to me.
thank you for being a good little camera to our little family.
andy :)

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