Wednesday, January 26, 2011

sale-a-bration 2011

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andy :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

a little progress...

i've {only} had these black frames for two years,
and my stamp room for six months,
but as of FRIDAY
i have the frames filled with pictures
...get this...
i have them hanging on the wall!!
first, i made a list of the frame sizes. then, i picked out the pictures i wanted in the frames, ordered the prints from sams, in the sizes that i needed, and picked them up on thursday when i was in woodbury for an appointment.
{BTW~ THANKS for bringing me angie!! :)}
friday morning i put the pictures in the frames.
{i broke one pc of glass in the 4x6 frame of greg & i! darn-it!!}

then i laid the frames out on the table to see how i wanted them to look on the wall:

here was the wall space i was working with...

and this is how it ended up...

i realize it is NOT perfect...
but i wasn't going for perfect...
i was going for
"just get it done so you can enjoy it"!
and that is just what i have been doing ever since.

today greg hung up a few other things for me.
--like my black shelf of jars and a cork board.
{i should have let him hang up all the frames!! he is so good at that kind if thing!}

i was also working on sorting and putting away printed pictures.
that is {ALL} part of cleaning up my "desk".
i just haven't been able to do as much as i've wanted to do lately,
and i'm OK** with that.
a {little} progress has been made!
andy :)
**read: OK... try NOT OK, it is really hard for me not to do much, but i am trying to deal! ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

did you know....

that today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day??

NOT that i did that today.
i just thought i'd share this picture with you because i don't want you to think that my space is ALWAYS neat & tidy.
{oh, how i wish!}
when i {work} i tend to make a mess.

date: 12.31.2010

{that is evan in the back}

in my {today} blog post i didn't share with you WHAT my space looked like while i was working on my album.

now you know!

between my {things to do} list tomorrow, i will be cleaning-up my "desk"!

then, maybe then, i can share more pictures with you of the rest of my room!

andy :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

project life {2011}

call me CRAZY... but here we go again!
i LOVE how our 2010 album turned out.
my family LOVES the album.
my family is already use to taking the "picture of the day"
so why end the fun now??
i like that is is a {place} to hold the documentation our everyday life.
a place for little love notes, school papers, drawings, dealing with infertility, movie tickets and even copies of letters that say "i am sorry that you had to stop the bus so you could scold me."
it is the little things that make life BIG!
happy or sad. it is life. it is our life. and it matters to me.
{that's how i feel anyway!}
andy :)

January 2011 Stampin’ News

Happy {NEW} Year!!

Are you ready for a fresh new year??

I *think* I am!

Occasions Mini Catalog
The {NEW} Occasions Mini Catalog is available now through April 30th, 2011. My Customer selector did not work due to an error so all of my mini catalogs came directly to me. If you want one PLEASE let me know. You can ALWAYS view the catalogs *here*. If you request one, I will get it out to you ASAP along with the SALE-A-BRATION mini catalog.

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Stamp Club
My stamp Clubs are starting again, but I’ve changed the starting month to FEBRUARY!!



I know that I have said they will start in January, but here’s the deal…

A. SALE-A-BRATION. It starts Jan 25th. If I wait to start the Stamp Club, Stamp Club Members can place a $50 product order in February and earn a FREE SALE-A-BRATION Item.

B. It’s me, not you. I have a number of appointments that I need to go to this month and it makes it very hard to plan anything and not be stressed all at the same time.

I think starting in February will be the best for everyone. Thank you for understanding & your support!

I have had to make a few changes to the Stamp Club starting this FEBRUARY. One of them being a RSVP date. You {MUST} RSVP By the date listed below to attend the monthly Stamp Clubs. Stamp Club Members that are unable to attend the Stamp Club {MUST} get their order to my by this date also. Non-Club Members can still RSVP, attend and make the 6 cards for $10. I know this has gone up from $6. Please understand that I have not raised my prices since starting the stamp club and the price of all materials have gone up since. Also, only Club Members will make their cards for FREE each month … SO why not join the club! :)

What to be a Club Member??

Just agree to spend a minimum of $50 in February and a minimum of $25 for 4 months and you will be the Hostess once during the 5 months. The Hostess of the month will pick a Level One hostess item and $15 worth of Free merchandise. PLUS, make the 6 cards each month for FREE! Club Members can attend on Wednesday Morning or Thursday Evening. Just let me know when you RSVP what day you will be attending. If you are unable to attend the Stamp Club your monthly order is due by the RSVP date. You will receive a card kit, from me, with the supplies to make your 6 cards with your club order. You will need to complete the cards on your own, with your own supplies. To view the card samples you can visit my blog or ask for a picture to be sent to your e-mail address if you would like.

Stamp Club RSVP


Club Members “that can’t attend” Order Due by Dates:

Monday February 7th

Monday March 7th

Monday April 11th

Monday May 9th

Monday June 6th

Stamp Club Dates:

Wednesday Morning Stamp Club

Starting at 9am @ Andy’s House

February 9th

March 9th

April 13th

May 11th

June 8th

Thursday Evening Stamp Club

Starting at 6:30pm @Andy’s House

February 10th

March 10th

April 14th

May 12th

June 9th

If you want to be a Stamp Club Member PLEASE let me know by Monday February 7th when you RSVP.

I will draw for hostesses once I know who the Club Members are.

If you have ANY questions PLEASE let me know!!

Again, Happy New Year!

...and please note that I {SO} aprreciate you as a customer of mine!

andy :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

kaylee says....

just for fun the boys & i made a list of all the words kaylee jo {says} on december 27th 2010.
Wordle: kayleejo12272010
i made this for her mommie on
i *wish* that i had a list like this for the boys!
andy :)