Sunday, January 16, 2011

a little progress...

i've {only} had these black frames for two years,
and my stamp room for six months,
but as of FRIDAY
i have the frames filled with pictures
...get this...
i have them hanging on the wall!!
first, i made a list of the frame sizes. then, i picked out the pictures i wanted in the frames, ordered the prints from sams, in the sizes that i needed, and picked them up on thursday when i was in woodbury for an appointment.
{BTW~ THANKS for bringing me angie!! :)}
friday morning i put the pictures in the frames.
{i broke one pc of glass in the 4x6 frame of greg & i! darn-it!!}

then i laid the frames out on the table to see how i wanted them to look on the wall:

here was the wall space i was working with...

and this is how it ended up...

i realize it is NOT perfect...
but i wasn't going for perfect...
i was going for
"just get it done so you can enjoy it"!
and that is just what i have been doing ever since.

today greg hung up a few other things for me.
--like my black shelf of jars and a cork board.
{i should have let him hang up all the frames!! he is so good at that kind if thing!}

i was also working on sorting and putting away printed pictures.
that is {ALL} part of cleaning up my "desk".
i just haven't been able to do as much as i've wanted to do lately,
and i'm OK** with that.
a {little} progress has been made!
andy :)
**read: OK... try NOT OK, it is really hard for me not to do much, but i am trying to deal! ;)

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