Monday, April 18, 2011


after going to town, going to a few garage sales and taking a nap at my mom's friday afternoon, i brought kaylee jo home with me so she could spend the night. when we pulled in the driveway she kept saying "boys, boys!", well it was only 3 and the boys come home at 4 so we had an hour to play. her favorite was to sit at the boys' little table in their room and play with the legos. then she got up on evan's bed and found the "piggie" the she looked at me and said "puppy?" she knows he has a piggie and a puppy! so we found the puppy and she was SO excited!

when it was time to walk down and get the boys off the bus she was squealing with excitement! saying "boys" & "bus" over & over again! when the bus did get here we thought it might tip over from the kids coming over to "our" side to see kaylee. she did look so cute in her little coat & pink mud boots! :)

we had a fun night and we learned {once again} that our house is NOT baby/toddler proof! lucky we have a few months to work on that! kaylee went to bed good for us and slept all night! {BONUS!}

saturday morning jabin went in the guest room to get her up. we heard him on the monitor. he said "out" and then kaylee said "out". then he took her hand and lead her to our room. she was full of smiles! then we showed the kids the few inches of snow that had fallen overnight! kaylee kept saying "no, no". i know she was trying to say snow, but i was thinking no, no! i am so sick of the snow!

we had some breakfast {greg has been making me.. us.. some kick-butt hash browns!}, did some cleaning and went to Win & Jane's house to see their new baby chicks! they had just hatched on monday and were so cute!!

kaylee would say "chickies" and "peep, peep".

after that we came home, the boys had a friend over to play and nicci came to pick-up kaylee. in the afternoon we brought riley home and we went to eat, did some shopping at target and went to the movies. yep, another date night spent with our kids. {really that is ok with us, but maybe just once we could go out alone!} we better do that soon, it will be even harder to find a sitter for 4! ;)

i hope you had a good weekend!!

today i feel pretty good so i am {trying} to catch-up on everything!

...wish me luck on that! ;)

andy :)


Justina said...

you know i will always babysit!!!! even now with no babies..

Jean said...

Busy busy bees you all are! I love the pics of the kids with the chicks. I hope you had a great Easter and are feeling well.