Monday, May 16, 2011

mother's day 2011

i know it was last week, but ya know!

greg just took a picture of the boys & i yesterday so that's why i didn't post sooner!

friday {may 6th} i had picked up some cook books at a sale went to a few more sales, went to work and came home to meet the boys. when the boys were about to get off the bus, the bus driver opened her window and told me i couldn't look! the boys got of the bus and RAN to the house!! then told me i couldn't go in their room. they seen the cook books i bought and started looking through them. evan said he could get "mega" ideas from them. next thing i know they had taken them to their room. again, i couldn't go in there!

saturday {may 7th} greg's family came over for a visit. it was such a nice day. we had lunch, played ball with the boys and did a little wii bowling!

sunday {may 8th} the boys woke up early and got greg up, they shut the bedroom door and i stayed in bed. here the boys had "planned" to make me breakfast and brought it to me in bed. they made hashbrowns, blueberry muffins and orange tang & brought it to me on a tray. it was so sweet! i took a few bites, but then moved to the kitchen because i wanted to eat with them.

after breakfast i opened my gifts from them. i {LOVED} the cards and things they made for me at school. those kinds of gifts are the best! :)

from jabin:

he even wrote me a letter and told me that i was "the best mom in the galixy".

from evan:

with a letter that said "your are the best mom of all".

after ALL that we went outside to get to work on planting the flowers and plants that our neighbor friend jane gave us.

here is a before picture:

it was a BIG job and after we started greg told me that we had to go to menards to get the mulch to put over the landscape fabric so that it wouldn't blow away. so, we worked for a while then went to menards for mulch and a few more flowers. came home and had to finish the job. by then it had started to rain, but we kept working and got the job DONE!!

i {LOVE, LOVE, LOVE} the little boots with the flowers in them! these were jabin & evan's boots that were old and full of cracks. i had thrown them away last summer, THEN seen the idea so i dug them out of the garbage so i could do this! {gross i know, but i'm glad i did it!}

i had a WONDERFUL mother's day with my family, even with all the work we did, and then feeling the pain of "gardening" work for the next few days, i will still call it WONDERFUL! helps that the boys get so excited about the day and make me feel SO special. i remember the days of wanting to be a mom, when mother's day brought me sadness. i am SO thankful to be a mom, it's what i've always {wanted} to be.

andy :)

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