Thursday, May 5, 2011

teacher appreciation gifts {part 2}

here are the rest of the teacher appreciation gifts i made for the week.

these ideas were sparked from the eighteen 25 blog.

{i just LOVE that blog!!}

i just *might* need to make some of these scissor tags for myself!

the aw-esome bag has a&w rootbeer in it! :)

next week i am going to school one day to bring evan's class to lunch so that the teacher's can have a full hour long lunch. i am so excited to help out. it is the least i can do for the teacher's who mean so much to us and are SO very good to our boys.

the boys will be going to new school building next year, i will miss seeing their past teachers!

andy :)

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Justina said...

nice idea on the scissors im so doing that!