Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hello july!

yes, i realize it's been a month since i posted last.

it's summer.

it's been busy.

camping, summer school, camping, swimming lessons, growing babies, baseball, hospital visits, TRYING to take it easy, getting ready for the babies, shopping, a babie"S" shower, playing lego, taking an on-line finding photo freedom class, scrapbooking, sorting pictures, getting ready for evan & jabin's 8th birthday and lots of dr appointments. i'm sure there is more but ya know it's early and i can't think straight.

are you tired just from reading that?

i'm tired just just doing all that!

we are 29 weeks pregnant today.

we keep telling the babies we can't wait to meet you,

BUT- you need to stay in there for at least 5 more weeks!

{we'll see how that goes.}

i'll {try} to post some FUN stuff soon.

...because after all we have been doing some fun stuff too! :)

andy :)