Monday, August 22, 2011

{oh babies}

i'll start off by saying {NO} the babies have not arrived... yet!

i have made three trips to the hospital already to stop contractions.

once @ 26 6/7 weeks,

@ 28 3/7 weeks

and again at 32 weeks.

i doesn't take much to go from this...

...trying to get some cleaning and work done in my stamp room on tuesday 8/16.

to this...

...ending up at the hospital wednesday 8/17 for an over-nighter...

...and coming home and being put on bedrest. :(

on wednesday 8/24 i will be 33 weeks along.

{BTW~evan and jabin were born at 33 weeks!}

we are trying to get past 34 weeks this time around.

so i don't have any fun stamping projects to share with you.

...and i had just received my order of new holiday mini items! {darn it!} i had wanted to make a few things and post them, but that isn't going to happen. sorry.

thank you for understanding.

andy :)

1 comment:

Justina said...

Enjoy the rest! You will NEVER get it again :) Love ya!