Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what i like to do wednesday: {getting ready for school}

welcome to my first

"what i like to do wednesday"

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{getting ready for school}

for us school starts sept 1st.

first, you should know that {I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES} always have, and i'm sure i always will! when the supplies hit the shelves in july, i am super excited!! one year i bought crayons for the boys and when i went to put them away i already had 13 boxes!

{it's true! and hey they were only like 20 cents a box!}

...and another thing, i'm just excited about the "supply" part~ NOT the sending my boys off to school on the bus part! there is a BIG difference!

labeling school supplies:

these little labels have come in SO handy! just print a sheet with your child's name and label away! i keep extra name labels on hand and my boys know where to find them to use. it never fails we are racing to get out the door and one or both of them want to bring a book or magazine to look at on the bus or they have something in a baggie to share with the class. i use to have to tell them to get a label, now they just know were to find them and add it on their own.

lunch box notes:
get some stickers, post-it notes and a sharpie. write a note and put it in your child's lunch box! they will love you for it and soon they will look forward to it! little jokes seem to be a big hit with my boys too! last year evan would share them with the lunch lady, she liked them too!

how to store the school papers you want to keep:

in these totes i set up legal sized files, one file for each year of school and one file box for each of my boys. this is where i store the stuff i want to keep or might want to use in their school scrapbooks. i keep a copy paper box for extra large art projects and store them in there after i take a picture of the art/project.

i {LOVE} this system!!

homework/supply area:

the boys & i spent some time cleaning out the "old" papers in our den and getting ready for the new school year to start. on these shelves we have sharpened pencils, erasers, scissors, rulers, calculators, crayons, markers, colored pencils, drawing paper clip boards and "other" stuff as you can see. :)

they know where the stuff is so it makes doing homework easier because they don't have to hunt for the supplies they need. they can also draw, color and create because they have supplies ready for them to use. {and i love when they color pictures for me!}

so, i hope i've given you a few ideas of "what i like to do" to get ready for the new school year!!

let me know if you have any questions!!

andy :)

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