Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what i like to do wednesday {printing wallet sized photos}

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what i like to do wednesday
{printing wallet sized photos}

i {love} working with wallet sized photos. but let's face it they can be a little expensive at your favorite photo printer. i came across this site and FREE program one day... and i am hooked!!

i like that i can quickly create 2 wallet sized photos on a 4x6 print, up-load or take the picture file to the printer and WHAAAAAW... 2 wallets for around 13 cents! {or however much a 4x6 print is.}

this past weekend the boys went to stay with grandpa doug and grandma linda. they did all sorts of fun things and my dad kept me up-dated by sending me pictures from his phone. {LOVED THAT!}

if i wanted to print the pictures as a 4x6 they would not turn out very good. {yep-i've tested that before!} so my solution... to use PhotoSheet to make wallet sized photos and print them out!!

here is evan the limo driver:

here is evan the limo driver times 2! is hard to tell but there is a white boarder around the two wallet pictures to make a 4x6 picture.

and here we have jabin the limo driver:

and jabin the limo driver times 2!

AND the BEST part {for me anyway} is that you can pick two different images for the wallet sized, 4x6 print combo....

i print LOTS of photos that way for our project life album. since sometimes i can't just pick one picture for the day! also, i print lots of wallets for scrapbook pages since you can add so many to a one or two page layout!

i hope you will try it!

andy :)

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