Wednesday, September 28, 2011

around here...

Jabin won a poster contest at school. The prize: $20!!  Here he is with his poster and THE BIG CHECK!

 Evan lost a tooth. That earned him $1. The {silly} tooth fairy left his tooth though!

The babies are HOME!! Reagan came home on Friday Sept 16th. Gavin came home on Sept 18th. Greg was home all last week. It was SO nice to have the babies home and to have him here! He went back to work Monday and they are SUPER busy so he will be working a ton of overtime. :( {Yes, we are SO thankful he has a job and can work overtime, the money is nice ...but he would like to see all of us too!}

On our way home from the hospital.
I sat in the way back with the BIG boys, so I could keep an eye on the little boys. :)

Around here E & J take turns reading to the babies.
i {LOVE} that!

We are all adjusting to life with two new babies.  I am tired. Thankgoodness for helpers! We've waited SO long for this, so I am just tring to take it day by day and enjoy every minuet of it too!

andy :)

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