Friday, September 9, 2011

g & r {one week old}

our family minus little gavin who was behind grandma kc who took the picture. :(

soon, very soon, we will get a {real} family picture!

{gavin & reagan}

our little babies are one week old!

tonight was the first time we had the chance to take a picture of them side-by-side!!

reagan is an eating machine!

he is off the iv's and in a crib now.

they told us today to get ready because he will be home before we know it!

gavin continues to improve each day!

he is off his breathing tubes and is slowly working on bottle feedings.

{you can do it buddy!}

i am slowly recovering myself.

we are very thankful for our family and friends who have been helping us this week.

it is hard to leave your babies at the hospital that is *almost* and hour away.

we are also very thankful for the nurses and doctors taking care of gavin & reagan!

some of the nurses remember taking care of evan & jabin and can't believe they are taking care of their new twin brothers 8 years later!! :)

andy :)

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