Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving :)

today was a great day here at home.
we have lots to be thankful for.
especially thankful for the boys and the baby boys!

we fooled evan & jabin with this turkey filled with popcorn.
{they LOVED it!}
got the idea from *here*. 
i had gone to my mom's and she is the one who actually made the turkey!
heaven forbid i touch a turkey. real or fake! lol

greg got a 20 pound turkey from work. 
so we cooked that with all the fixings for our family of 6. 
that's a lot of food since the babies don't even eat yet! 

we made the pumpkin pie yesterday with grandma audrey.

we had some family over tonight and it was fun to visit.

by the end of the night we were all tired.
jabin & reagan even fell asleep together in the chair. 

i'm off to bed too.
i won't be out shopping tomorrow... 
i just made my list and i am sending 
greg to menards for me since 
he is going to work anyway. 
{what a nice guy! :)}

hope you all had a fabulous day!!

andy :) 

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