Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what i like to do wednesday {menu planning}

the {or one of the} biggest challenges for me 
and i'm sure i'm not alone here, 
is knowing what's for dinner. 
i was doing a weekly menu and then well... 
ya know babies life happened. :)

so new for this year 
i printed these:

 on whisper white card stock,
 rounded the corners & added them to a clipboard.
then i went through our recipe binders & basket and filled in the WHOLE month. and there ya go, we now have a menu for the month! 

so far, so good. 
it is nice to know what we are having and the groceries bought for the week. i can start dinner, feed the babies at 5 and we eat at about 6 or so depending on when greg gets home from work.

and if by chance something comes up or we have to switch a night it's OK! 
at least we have a plan.

what are you doing that's {new} this year???

andy :)

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