Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day { 2012 }

happy valentine's day!

so my last post was about my fav christmas eve pictures and now we move to a little valentine's day card. i sent this one to my little sister's new place and she posted it to her facebook pg ...so i thought i would steal the picture and share it here with you.  
how sweet! 
{don't ya think!}

around here:

  • e & j had their 1/2 birthday on jan 28th. that puts them at 8 1/2. they are still lego freaks and lately they go to bed early so that they can read their diary of a wimpy kid books. 
{they are such good boys.} 

  • the babies are growing way tooooo fast and are over 5 months old now.

  • i had my first stamp club last thursday since having the babies. i need to post pictures of the cards we made.  sadly, my beautiful stamp room was such a mess that i held my club in the kitchen. 
{now that's real life for ya!} 

  • greg & i went on a date two weekends ago.  it was so romantic.  you know the kind without any kids, where you both wear sweatshirts and you go to menards, target, sam's club, chipotle, joann fabrics and kohls. REALLY though, i {love} those kinds of dates.  i even drove his brand new car... the one he tells me to drive all the the time, the stick-shift one he got last may that already has 14,000 miles on it, yeah, that one.  go me!  i do hope i get to go on another date with him soon. 

{i'm shooting for april!} :) 

  • yesterday i ordered the grandparent{s} their christmas gifts. ...yes, i know they are late, but SO worth the wait!! {trust me!} i can't wait to get them out when they come. :)

i hope you all have a great day!

andy :)

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