Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 years of {us}

greg & i celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary yesterday.

my sister, tina, watched the boys & the babies.
the only way we got to go out with out the boys 
was to get them papa murphy's pizza and promise to 
bring them home bread sticks from olive garden.

greg & i went out to eat and did a little shopping.
{i didn't even wear a sweatshirt!} 
i'm SO glad he still went out with me even-though
 i  couldn't get my eye-brows waxed yesterday.

{i love that man.}

we got home SOOO very late {try 10 pm}
that the boys met us at the door when we pulled into the garage. 
i guess they were SO worried about us 
that evan was ready to go out looking for us with his flashlight. 
silly boys!! just goes to show ya that we don't get out much!

that's right i got the final rose

andy :)

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