Monday, July 2, 2012

florida vacation { day 2 }

thursday june 7th 2012


was the reason we went to florida!
if you don't know by now,
e & j are HUGE LEGO FANS. :)

when we got there it was raining.
the lady at the parking gate told us the rides were closed {for now} due to rain. 
she said we could come back another day.

Ummm, thanks, but NO! 

we only had ONE day to be here, 
we just drove 50 mins to get here, 
we've been waiting for this day since we planned our trip,
we already bought our tickets b4 we left for florida 
and we'll just make the best of it in the rain 

does the movie lampoon's vacation ring a bell?

Sorry folks, park's closed. 
Moose out front shoulda told ya. 

heheee :)

 rain on the way back to orlando

the park was not busy. 
it did rain on & off but we had

i had to suck-it-up and go on the rides. 
i did it for the boys. 
the things we do for our children!

on this day i was reminded that we have such good boys. :)

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