Tuesday, July 3, 2012

florida vacation { day 3 }

friday june 9th 2012

disney hollywood studios


the fact that there was a 
star wars weekend 
disney hollywood studios 
was a BONUS for e & j! 
they are also star wars fans!

they didn't even want to visit any of the disney parks 
until we found out about the star wars weekend.

the ONE thing they wanted to do was the 
jedi training academy.

you had to be there EARLY to sign-up.
 so here we are getting there by 7 am and the park opened at 8.

 waiting in line

 OMGoodness... storm troopers! 
e & j were getting SO excited!

we RAN to the sing-up area and got in line. 
they got in the second group of the day...

padawan evan

padawan jabin

the boys were SO very lucky to be in the group that was ON STAGE and got to battle 
the one, 
the only.... 

i was super excited FOR them!

evan vs. darth vader

jabin vs. darth vader 
jabin even wore his
prepare to be dominated shirt 
good thing he did! :)

 they got a certificate at the end and are now jedi masters.
so look out!

evan made a custom lightsaber...

jabin also made a custom light saber...

 lucky they made them because the got to be in a lightsaber battle by the main stage area...

they even won a prize!

 another reason we went... R2D2 popcorn cups. 
yes, i got one too!

they thought the 
indiana jones epic stunt spectacular!
was pretty awesome!
lots of action & stuff exploding! 
{ they like indiana jone too! }

playing with some kids while waiting for the star wars parade to start.
the litlle boy's name was gavin! 

it started to rain right before the parade.
LUCKY, i bought ponchos after the rain we had at legoland. 

e & j wanted our picture taken with 
C3PO and R2D2

but by the time we got up there it was 
princess leia.
the boys freaked out. 
NO WAY did they want their picture taken with her. 
{of course their dad didn't mind!} 
well too bad boys we just waited in line for almost an hour.
we ARE getting our picture taken!

star tours ride

 greg & jabin went on the 
rock 'n' roller coaster starring aerosmith

honey, i shrunk the kids movie set adventure

we left at 7pm. 
we couldn't take it anymore, we were all just tired.
the boys were SO good, no whining or begging for things, nothing.
{and we seen our share of that form other kids!}

we did have LOTS of fun.
if it hadn't been for the star wars part of the disney hollywood studios i'm not sure e & j would have liked it as much as they did. 

they asked if we had to come back.
i said no.
evan said thank the Lord!

we asked them what they wanted to do the next day
and they said just swim at the pool.


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