Wednesday, July 4, 2012

florida vacation { day 4 }

saturday june 9th 2012

{ do-whatever-day }

we didn't have plans for saturday.
we thought about seaworld. 
i had blisters on both feet so i wasn't too disappointed that the boys didn't want to go there and they didn't want to go to another disney park.

we just drove around with the top down...

so glad i bought a hat on the first day! not that i ever have a good hair day, but the florida weather was not helping me any either! 

oranges anyone?

this is bull riding, after this  picture evan went flying across the room. 

we visited downtown disney.
they had a LEGO store there so we spent some time in there.

after those pictures we read this:

we didn't go on this, 
just took a picture of it..

then we went back to the hotel to swim & hang out.

little pool friends running all around

e & j said this was like paradise island
they swam and played some pool games. 
evan won some game room tokens from a water basketball game.
more rain while in the pool.
it rained the rest of the day so i was glad we didn't spend lots of money to go to another park for the day.
there was magic lessons for the kids at the hotel.

we went out to eat and i ordered { a } drink. 
and they brought me two. 
i guess i should know by now that with me things come two at a time. 

oh boys!

playing with new LEGO bricks.
at LEGOLAND they bought some pick-a-bricks 
and played with them whenever we were in our room. 

sleeping boys

a fun & relaxing day was had by all. :)

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