Thursday, July 5, 2012

florida vacation { day 5 }

sunday june 10th 2012

{ happy birthday greg }
{ going home day }

our morning view of e & j playing

evan's souvenirs

jabin's souvenirs

greg took the boys swimming while i packed our stuff.
i went to a few different levels of the hotel to take their pictures.

a postcard for their friend

a last minuet photos in the pool area

we had tokens to use in the game room

7 mph, really!?!

time to go HOME!

i bought some LEGO mystery minifigures for a little fun on the way home.
evan got the swimmer girl. 
 jabin got the bride. 
hey, i didn't know, 
that's why they are a mystery minifig!!

darth paper & origami yoda
i bought the books for e & j to have something new to read on our trip so we thought we'd try to make them. 

from the airport we went home to drop off our stuff & get greg's car.
when we got home evan ran down stairs to see if any robbers came while we were gone. 
he came running back with a report...
mom, your washi tape is still there and so are our LEGOs! 
i'm so glad he knows what the important things in our home are.

picking up the babies! :) 

rhonda, maddy & olivia picked up a birthday cake for greg.
it was so good to see the babies.
rhonda didn't want to give them back.
i guess that's a good thing. :)

then we went back home.

{ home sweet home }

our trip was great.
e & j were at a perfect age to bring,
while g & r were at a good age to leave with our friends.
we didn't have to cook & clean.
i got to sleep through the night...

but overall we are homebodies.
i love being at home with my husband and boys.
maybe our next big vacation will be just greg & i 
{ wouldn't that be nice! }
or it could be the whole family or then again it could be in 8 years when we bring
 gavin & reagan to LEGOLAND. 
who knows.

i'm just happy to have us all 

{ together }


andy :)

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